Our mission it to help our clients influence their consumer’s shopper behavior and increase the sale of their products. We seek to achieve this by promoting the use of POS media as a key element in the marketing mix and providing a comprehensive set of retail services to ensure successful project execution. We continue to expand internationally by building long-lasting relationships with our global advertising and retail partners.


POS Media is a European market leader in retail media, providing a wide range of services and point-of-sale advertising tools with a presence in 6 European countries. We are the partner of choice for retailers such as Tesco, Ahold, Carrefour, Metro, and Real thanks to our proven track record of maximising revenue, reducing costs and improving the in-store environment and shopping experience. We represent top global brands such as Unilever, P&G, Coca-Cola, Nestlé, Mondelez, Heineken, and many more.


POS Media Europe was formed as IMIGe Czech Republic in 1998, with the objective of maximizing the potential of retail media space. With a primary focus on point-of-sale advertising, the company quickly expanded into Hungary, Slovakia and Poland. Headquartered in Prague, the company rebranded as POS Media Europe and opened offices in Germany, Ukraine and Russia.


1998 – IMIGe Czech Republic is established
1999 – IMIGe opens office in Hungary
1999 – IMIGE opens office in Slovakia
2000 – IMIGe opens office in Poland
2006 – European headquarters established in Prague, Czech Republic
2008 – Company undergoes rebranding to POS Media Group
2008 – POS Media opens office in Ukraine
2009 – POS Media opens office in Turkey
2010 – POS Media acquires Célcsoport Media in Hungary
2011 – POS Media and HighCo France announce the strategic partnership
2012 – POS Media opens office in Germany
2012 – POS Media Hungary rebrands to POS Services
2013 – POS Media opens office in Russia
2016 – Tesco extends the exclusive contract with Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, and Poland
2017 – POS Media buys back shares from HighCo France

2018 – POS Media and Omni Marketing Global announce the strategic partnership